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Almost every participant in court proceedings regularly needs legal assistance. Also, the same is the case when buying real estate or selling, writing a contract of sale or gift of real estate, litigation or other proceedings before a court, before administrative bodies or before a notary, the advice of a legal expert is usually needed. Sometimes citizens decide to be their own lawyers and deal with legal vicissitudes on their own, which can sometimes have an effect, but can often create even more problems. Legal advice is also regularly sought in the event of divorce or probate proceedings. Procedures concerning families and children are especially urgent, so professional help is always recommended. Due to ignorance of the law, there are omissions that are difficult to find later, which can then last a long time and be expensive for the party. Therefore, resolve the dispute with the other party if possible in a peaceful manner, with mediation and mediation, before it turns into a serious legal problem. Establishment or liquidation of a company, change of the name of the entrepreneur or change of the amount of capital of the company and other issues in the field of economy may also require the specialist assistance of a legal expert. Lawyer Belgrade is always there to provide legal advice and assistance whenever you need it.